About us

Norwegian WoodsLiving and making things in respect of nature. That’s what Birch & Bike is about. Similarly to the Yin and Yan philosophy which shows us how complementary forces, entities and beings are necessary to make a whole.


Before being an online shop and blog, BIRCH & BIKE started as a lifestyle, a mindset combining the love for a simple life, for craftsmanship, for outdoors and nature, and for philosophy and art. I always admired the beauty and quality of old products, made with a different philosophy as those produced today. Unfortunately we live in a society where accessories and products in general are made to have a short life. Rarely things can be repaired and when broken are simply thrown away and replaced. I like to think that the time I invest in creating my products is an investment to leave something that can last, made with quality materials.

I’m an epidemiologist turned into a designer and crafter. I love beauty around me and I like to try to put what I see into my creations. When I’m not in my little studio I’m probably to be found in the Norwegian nature with my dogs, trying to learn to be a musher. I love homesteading, slow living and in a long term project I would like to focus on becoming as much self-sufficient as possible.


About the name

The Birch is one of my favourite trees, if not my absolute favourite. These beautiful trees are very common in Northern Europe, where I live now, and populate a place special to me near my family’s cabin. They represent the natural part of life. The name Birch is there to remind me that nature cannot be separated from the rest, it rules everything no matter how hard we try to control it. It also serves as a reminder to choose materials that are possibly found in nature, which underwent as little processing as possible. On the other side, the Bike. Beside being one of my favourite objects, the bike represents the human-made side of life. The gears which beautifully work together to move forward. The bike symbol of slow movement, of mindfulness and of a more ecological approach to life.