Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect. At Birch & Bike we try hard to make high quality products and use high quality material, but  we are just humans and get tired, stressed and we may make mistakes. If this is the case we are happy to help out and correct/repair our product. Our philosophy is to make goods that last and that can be repaired. From a mere business point of you, it is probably a loss, but we want that you are happy with our products. 

If a problem occurs because of a mistake on our end, we’ll fix it. Send us a note at hello@birchandbike.com or use the contact form on www.birchandbike.com.


The waxed cotton canvas we use has some special care instructions. Never machine wash or dry clean. Never use soap or chemicals. The best way to clean waxed canvas is with a brush or a water dampened towel. It's a pretty low maintenance product, and should be treated as such.


The beauty of leather is that it will age and change over time to the way you use it. Certain types of use will make leather age it faster... like exposure to water. Try to keep your leather product as dry as possible. If it still happens that your item gets wet, make sure to let it air-dry overnight. To refresh dry leather and increase the lifespan of your leather products we recommend to apply saddle soap from time to time or leather wax.